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"Blakely like all good song writers can deliver a song that'll make you cry and promptly follow it with one that evokes laughter."

Jim Beal - San Antonio Express

"Eric's songs revolve around family and his life experience, and though he infuses his songs with wit and often takes a lighthearted approach, his songs are also honest and sometimes candid tales of unfulfilled life experiences."

AnnMarie Harrington - Take Country Back

Eric Blakely

Eric Blakely

Eric Blakely grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. While John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival were the local band that made the big time, Blakely was naturally influenced by John Fogerty's playing and songwriting. He was captivated by the mixed sounds of Country, Blues and Rock.He attributes his early guitar influences to John Fogerty, Albert Lee, Rick Derringer and Richie Blackmore.

As a young guitar student, Blakely took a year of lessons from Joe Satriani. Indeed, before becoming the legendary guitarist we know, Satriani was at that time the leading guitar teacher in Berkeley, California at the time.

Blakely caught the writing bug and,at the age of 17, founded his first band, Eric Blakely and The Blame to play his own compositions. He recorded his first album at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco with guitarist Dave Carpender of The Greg Kihn Band producing.

Wanderlust overtook him and Blakely found himself in Paris, then Los Angeles, and finally packing his bags for Austin, Texas. There he was able to immerse himself in the extraordinary local music scene. He quickly became a sought-after guitarist, playing with Calvin Russell, Pat Mears and several other local Austin acts. He also set up his own recording studio, Folk Reel Productions, recording five albums of his own compositions mixing Country, Blues and Rock. Blakely then toured extensively in the US and Europe. He had the extreme pleasure of playing live in Las Vegas with Bobby Keys, the Rolling Stones saxophonist. It is, he says, one of his most memorable moments he has had on stage.

Eric Blakely's debut album recorded in Austin, Uncle John's Farm, was hailed by critics and the video clip of the same name received national attention in the United States, on the TV channel CMT, the country version of the MTV channel. Blakely recorded several more albums of his compositions with legendary musicians from Austin, Jesse Taylor of Joe Ely, Marcia Ball and Guy Forsyth to name a few.

Leaving Austin behind, Eric Blakely is now back in Paris where he writes and performs. He has released two new albums under the name The Bottle Kids. These albums are a return to the roots of the late 70's and early 80's of the San Francisco Bay Area Power Pop Rock scene and his youth. Blakely plays all the instruments on these retro Pop Rock-centered albums. Eric Blakely recently toured Spain after signing with Madrid-based label Rock Indiana Records. This tour allowed him to play compositions from his seven and more albums.

Currently Eric is working on an album of Instrumental Guitar as well as a Singer/Songwriter album slated for 2021. His most recent single from his Instrumental CD was released in November, 2020.


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