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September 5, 2013

Greetings everyone,

A few things to mention. The Bottle Kids are up and running.www.thebottlekids.com We enjoyed our live debut last month at IPO San Francisco. We play tonight in Oakland Ca at The Night Light.

I will be playing a solo date on October 20th at my favorite West End, London venue, The 12 Bar Club. Hope to see some of you there who are in the area.

I entered one of the Bottle Kids songs in a song contest and was selected as a finalist. They have a voting round, so if you want to give us your vote, we would appreciate it. (Link Below)

More Bottle Kids recordings on the horizon.

Have a great rest of what is left of Summer.



Here is the link for voting: http://www.newsong-music.com/regional-round-voting-2013/west-region/

April 20, 2013

Greetings everyone,

I wanted to send out a quick note to let everyone know that The Bottle Kids CD is out and available. It is on iTunes, Spotify and can be streamed for nada at Reverbnation.
See links below.

The CD's can be ordered through our label partner Kool Kat Musik. They are a neat label with lots of interesting music. Pay them a visit.

If you care to order the CD directly from me I will be happy to send a signed copy.
Drop me a line and we can set that up.




January 22, 2013

Happy New Year!

Things are lined up for March for The Bottle Kids album release. We will be announcing our new Label partnership and will have a some shows to follow.

With the help and direction of Mark Shuman who did both my previous videos back in the day when videos were the thing to do, well, he has done it again.

You can catch a glimpse of it on the Bottle Kids website.

Once all the details are sorted out with the CD and label we will be set up for pre orders and all that commerce stuff. That should be up and running in a few weeks.

Best in 2013,

Eric aka Al Kidd (Started as a goof but has stuck)

October 23, 2012

Hello everyone,

The leaves are changing, the wind blowing a bit cooler from the north and the kids are back in school. Speaking of kids, the Bottle Kids have a few more songs posted on the website. Sorting out the final mixes and planning on a proper release after the Holidays.

I still owe a few of you some advance copies. I haven't forgotten...

Much Peace, E

Feel free to "pop" in!

September 15, 2012

Greetings All,

My side project The Bottle Kids album is recorded. This has been nearly a year in the recording process. As I have played all the instruments the process was quite involved. Tremendously interesting as things evolved in ways I had not imagined. I started by recording about 30 drum tracks. No songs written. I simply arranged drum parts and then wrote songs to them. I narrowed that down to about 16 useable "songs". I then wrote music to the rhythms. What made this way of writing and recording so interesting for me was I never knew from one session to the next what anything would sound like. It was the most organic writing I have ever done. It is a departure from the "Americana" kitchen I have spent so much time in. It is retro sounding, hopefully fun and catchy good time music.

For those of you on my list if you are interested in hearing a few songs I am happy to send along an mp3 or two. Drop me a line at info@thebottlekids.com and I'll pass a couple along.



April 15, 2012


Who the devil are the Bottle Kids you ask? Well, I am glad you did. Many of you already know my musical tastes can cover a large canvas. I am just as content with an acoustic guitar in a corner as I am playing loud as a fire alarm in the middle of a rock band. With that said, I have decided to dance with my rock muse. Not just any rock, but the Rock n Roll I started playing back when I was just a pup.

If you're curious, just go to the website www.thebottlekids.com and voila.

This is a project I have been wanting to do for a long time. I am playing all the instruments, recording it in my home studio and just having a ball doing so.

The album will be out this Summer. Just click on album sneak peek link on the website for a listen to a rough mix that leaked out. Who am I kidding? I am telling all my friends.

Peace squared,


November 10, 2011

Greetings Everyone,

I had a great time at the Austin Outhouse reunion. It was a reunion indeed. Burt Winn came out from California to play Bass. He played on my first album when they were still on that flat, black plasticky stuff. Mike Landschoot happened to be there and joined us. He played guitar on Waiting On Marie and can be seen in the video of the same name. It was going to be just Burt and I as our drummer seems to have vanished. However it turned out to be a full scale outfit and we took full advantage of it.

I decided beforehand to play a few older songs so I stumbled across Forever's Not Forever, a song I wrote many moons ago. My good friend Mark Shuman who is a film maker and directed both my Music videos, Uncle John's Farm and Waiting On Marie mentioned we should do a video for Forever's Not forever as the lyrics were quite apropos given the current political and economic climate. We have not shot that video yet, but it gave me the idea to put together this montage to the song in the meantime. The link is below.

My friend Burt Winn's album is out, you can find it on iTunes. I helped with some guitar, harmonies and with a little arranging. It is well worth checking out I do say.

Well, here is the video montage.

Peace out,


October 8, 2011

Greetings Everyone,

Next week Chuck Lamb has managed the near impossible and organized this years Outhouse reunion. I will be bringing my "Rock Show" minus the makeup and pyrotechnics. Well, Burt Winn who will be on Bass does have to have a touch of rouge in order to reach the high harmonies, but I promise that will be it. I am including the show info straight from Chuck. Check out the links for schedule, activities, and performers. I'm playing 9 P.M. Saturday.

Peace Out. Eric

Now a word from Chuck:

Howdy everybody....this is to let you know....(if you don't already know by now) we're gonna have another Austin Outhouse Reunion October 14-16 at Giddy Ups on Manchaca Road just south of the Austin city limits...go to www.giddyups.com for information and directions.

There will be more than thirty musical acts spread out over the three day party.....great music from some of the great musicians that played at the Outhouse of old....we're gonna have two music documentaries and accompanying dvd releases("Blaze Foley: Duct Tape Messiah" by Kevin Triplett and "Stranger in My Hometown" by Hank Sinatra (a documentary about Calvin Russell....we're gonna have celebrity emcee's and special guests...we're gonna have plenty of good food, cold beer, warm hearts....good vibes for everyone.....we're going to celebrate friendship and music and Austin....we're gonna take time to remember those of us who are gone but live on in our hearts and in the music they shared with us.. ...we're gonna keep on keeping on....we're gonna have a big time and we're gonna do our best to raise some money for the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM)...so come on out..bring your friends...it's all good....all new website created by Sharla Ensle (her dad George will be playing at the Reunion)......that's what I wanted to tell you about...it has all manor of information about the Reunion at Giddy Ups....lineups and posters and pictures galore from Outhouse lore....great photo gallery from last year's reunion....check out the website....come to the the Reunion.....ok.....here's the link:

You can also keep up with reunion news on facebook: www.facebook.com/austinouthousereunion
That's it for now...I'm gonna take a nap....hope to see you at the Reunion!

September 10, 2011


Some of you knew I had dug up some roots in Bastrop, Texas. Front page news on Thursday's New York Times due to the fires. I was was fortunate, however the anguish is still deep in my gut. I was a mile away, and due to favorable winds (as far as my abode) I was not destroyed. Many of my city mates were. My ex's brother and his wife for example lost their home. My heart goes out to them, and I will probably adopt a family as I have ample room on my little acre. Thanks for all your e mails. I will not bore you with, under the current circumstances, boring details of music.

Look out for your family and neighbors, friends and enemies. We all breath the same air.

Peace out,


February 9, 2011

Well, I have been goofin off in the studio, working on my Guitar series. I think with this last one , the 70's section is done. It is called "More Cowbell". Yep, you guessed it, cowbell will play a part in this slightly humors tip of the hat to that Saturday Night Live skit featuring Chis Walkin and Will Ferril. I also took many of the cliches I loved when I was a kid and tried to sneak them in. I take full blame for the Guitars, Bass, Keys, Drums, and yes, Cowbell.

You can Find it posted on my music page on my website thanks to my good buddy Bill Groll who has to suffer through my e mails, change of minds, and songs with wayaaayy to much cowbell, however he never batted an eye. What a saint.

Closing in on the end of this project.

   Happy New Year, Give a few cans to your local food bank, times are still tough for many.
      And much peace and love in your lives.
         As always may a cowbell never be too far behind.

April 5, 2010

Greetings Music Lovers and friends,

I hope everyone is shaking off the winter and getting ready to get your Spring on. Though one may not know it by my lack of blogs, there has been a lot of music being made. I have been playing guitar with Paul Collins who I have toured with recently in Europe. We just finished an album in Detroit produced by Jim Diamond. It is a great deal of fun to return to my Power Pop roots and re live my youth: musically speaking. The record is coming out in September and will be on Alive records.

When I first moved to Austin I started an Open Mic at the Austin Outhouse. A storied and historic Austin Juke Joint. Chuck Lamb who was forced to leave during the tech boom had to turn over the keys when his lease was up and someone offered 3 times the rent for his wonderful local bar. The good news he is having a reunion of all of us Outhouse Alumni for lack of a better word this week. April, 9,10, 11 and Giddy Up's in Austin.

I will be kicking off the festivities at 2 P.M. on Friday. That's right 2 P.M. so quit your day job and come by.

After that I will probably not be doing many of my own shows as i will be out promoting the album with Paul playing really, really loud guitar. There are tours in the the South, East Coast and West Coast through the end of the year. I will post them as they firm up.

OK, that's all for now.

November 10, 2009

Fall has been canceled until further notice! That's right, nary a cold day since last February. Now I must confess my bandmates nicknamed me Polar Bear, or Osito de Polar (I think) in Spain. No one wanted to share a room with me because they said I snored, which we all know I don't. It was because I like the windows open. I argued for the window and lost. Then I get home, pop on Chuck Prophet's new CD and he has a song called Leave the Window Open, so I am not the only one. OK, I regress, or was that digress?

Holiday Shows:
Austin has the Cherrywood Arts Festival which is quite a lovely Holiday Arts Fair. It is Dec. 12th and 13th. And they have music too! I will be playing on Sunday, Dec. 13th at 1:00 PM. My house in Texas is in the middle of nowhere but my closest neighbor happens to be a musician and low and behold his band is playing too. So, we'll go green and carpool, I guess I better let him know. Here is the link: http://www.cherrywoodartfair.org/

Check out local artists, suport...well you know.

I was going to do a tour blog of Spain and Italy, but Paul Collin's does a far better job, so when he posts it I will pass it along.

More soon...Peace, Eric

P.S. We posted a video on You Tube. Here is the link. Twas just a wee bit of a boy then! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZvsVXYhMTI

September 16, 2009

Hey Everyone,

Well, we nearly set a record for heat and drought in Texas this summer. I like making records however this kind of record is not one of them. I confess I spent most of my summer in San Francisco so to speak. The climate is indeed more agreeable. I did not have any flowers in my hair but there was the odd leaf as well as other debris.

Guitar, Guitar, Guitar...

I am heading to Europe for a tour which is a bit of a mixed bag of tour dates, I'll try to explain.

I am filling in on guitar for Paul Collins' regular guitarist, Manolo Espinosa on the below Paul Collins' Beat dates. Manolo will then catch up with the van on the "Power Pop Kings" tour dates. Power Pop Kings you ask?

These shows are the brainchild of Paul's bassist, manager and friend Juancho Lopez. John Wicks of the Records. Paul and I will be performing in what is going to be a Power Pop review of sorts. Paul and John being major players in the genre as well as founding fathers so to speak. They will be doing what they have always done great, playing their catchy Pop songs and hits. I will be going as far back as 1980 to my first full album (Eric Blakely and the Blame)that was actually a record,(vinyl and everything) and performing songs from it as well as other of my "poppier" songs and some cool covers as well. I may even sneak in a new song.

There are rumors that some France dates and a Rotterdam date are possible. To my French and Dutch friends (you know who you are) I'll keep you posted. I know I have been threatening a new CD since the turn of the century, and I have been working with my longtime friend and "Still Life" album partner in crime Burt winn. He happened to be playing bass and singing on the Blame album now that I think of it. We have been working on new songs when we can and hope to be hunkered down in the studio by years end.

P.S. I have not posted any of my songs from my pre Texas albums, I will probably do so soon. If you are interested shoot me an e mail and I will send you an MP3. This is entirely at your own risk of course. Also, all typos, misspellings and punctuation errors are entirely intentional and therefore not mistakes!

I hope this note has found everybody well and in good humor.

May the Peace be with you.


September 29 Lio Bar Brescia, Italy
September 30 Lazzaretto Bologna, Italy
October 1 Mads Roma, Italy
October 2 Spazio 21 Torino, Italy
October 3 Madly Pub Piacenza, Italy
October 4 Oste live Domodossola (VB), Italy

John Wicks - Paul Collins Beat - Eric Blakely
October9 Lavaca Ponferrada, Spain
October 10 Teatro Viveiro, Spain
October 14 Heartbreak Hotel Albacete,Spain
October 15 El balcon de Lola Bilbao, Spain
October 16 El Sol Madrid, Spain
October 17 Varadero Gandia ( Valencia ), Spain

More dates TBA


June 8, 2009

Hey Everyone,

I hope everyone's Spring is going well. I have been in a pretty good creative space. Just spent the last week at my studio in Texas and have posted a track.

I have always wanted to do an album where I play all the instruments, more to see if it could be done. The track is called Naugahyde. It's on the top of my web page after you enter. This tune was written around my favorite 1983 Fender Telecaster.

I plan on writing songs with several guitars as they all have their own personality. Each one inspires me to play differently. On this one, imagine yourself on a hot and humid summer afternoon blowing down the road, your legs sticking to the Naugahyde car seat cover. Oh, and it's around 1974!

Peace, Eric

February 3, 2009

Greetings and Salutations!
    I wanted to remind those of you in the Dallas area I will be in your neck of the woods this Saturday.  Here is the link with all the details. It will be a solo acoustic evening in a very nice

     We are doing some housekeeping and up dating to the website. Out with some old and in with some new...

Stay tuned.
   Peace,  Eric

December 5, 2008 - Happy Endings

Hello everyone,

First I hope 2008 ends with the future wide open. Best wishes for what I know will be an exciting ride into 2009.

Shows: I will be at the Flower Mound Coffee House on Feb. 7th. That is a Texas show and the website is listed below.

There is some talk of a small Spain tour again in Feb. as well. I'll post that as the info firms up.

Ch ch change.... I had been exploring a relocation to Chicago but have decided to go back to Berkeley, California as my final answer. I will still have roots here in Texas though. I will be firmly planted in Berkeley after the first of the year. I will have more on that as I announce more up coming shows.

Have a great Christmas or whatever your choice of gathering is. Most importantly gather. Let's surround ourselves with those we love and a few folks who might need a little love. I have loaded John Lennon's "So This Is Christmas" on my iPod. It never loses its power for me.

Lastly there are a lot of non-perishable food collection sites out there. They are run County by County serving members of our respective communities. They could sure use our help. I read they are really having trouble keeping up with demand under theses very difficult times. I would just like to encourage everyone to chip in.

OK, enough preachin.

Peace Out