Folk Reel Productions

Folk Reels, Started in 1990 by Eric Blakely is the Recording Studio where Eric and numerous Austin artists, as well as musicians, from all over have come to record their demos and albums. Below is only a partial list.

Now used exclusively as a studio for Blakely's productions. The studio has had quite a history in it's 10 years of operation.

If you are interested in Eric producing your project, contact him directly at

Here is a partial list of folks who have stepped in front of a microphone at Folk Reels not in any particular order:

  • Mark Viator
  • Marcia Ball
  • Lisa Mednick
  • John Inmon
  • The Austin Lounge Lizards
  • Bob Livingston
  • Erik Hokkanan
  • Guy Forsyth
  • Sarah Elisabeth Campbell
  • Mike Kemp (UK)
  • Paul Taylor (Australia)
  • The Lovelies
  • Ted Roddy
  • Slaid Cleaves
  • George Bancroft
  • Bill Oliver
  • James Oliver
  • Aaron Toli
  • The Laughing Dogs
  • Dave Heath
  • John Main
  • Champ Hood
  • Richard Bowden
  • Ron Erwin
  • Marty Frank (Holland)
  • Mark Lemmen (Holland)
  • Pat Mears
  • Dave Spear
  • Mandy Mercier
  • Boomer Norman
  • Emily Kaitz
  • Gary Primich
  • Chris Searls, Carl Misage
  • Shawn Mclean
  • Mike Landschoot
  • Tom Pittman
  • Paul Sweeney
  • Paul Pearcy
  • Kevin Smith
  • Lisa Schnider
  • and many more...
  • Thanks everyone!!!